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Ok, so I have to share about this program because I feel like there’s too much confusion and complication in the way most people look at it when they haven’t used this program yet.

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s optional auto-ship program for people who are ordering every month. You get a ton of extra rewards and freebies with it and if you’re wanting to see the benefits you signed up for when you joined Young Living (like better health, chemical free home, etc) then you need to be using the products and eliminating toxic chemicals from your home!!!!

That’s truly the only way to see these results! 
And when you ARE doing that then you end up ordering monthly naturally. So it makes sense to get some extra benefits to help make your money go farther!!


First of all, I need to explain the difference between PV and $$$ amount. And it seems confusing at first but it makes sense when you understand that Young Living is a company working in a global market. Because of that they have to have a point value to every item to normalize its value between each different market. 

The PV is what they base the auto-ship values on.. so to remain active within the essential rewards/auto-ship program you have to spend 50PV every month. 

Many items are 1 to 1 on the dollar amount and PV amount but some are not and the website specified that when you look at each item and it will show the dollar amount and PV amount in your order to make it very simple for you to keep track of. 


The way I personally have remained on this program for a year and a half and kept my budget intact is I switched from purchasing items that I used to buy at publix; i.e. shampoo, conditioner, household cleaner, toothpaste and order them from YL. We all need those things anyway and you aren’t spending more money, you’re just reallocating that money from one store like publix to YL. When you do that under the essential rewards program you end up earning back a percentage in product credits (called reward points) that you can buy other things you want or need. 


So for the first three months you will earn 10% back on your order; at 4 months you start earning 20% back! Every 50PV you spend you get 10 back! YES!! WOW!!! That’s something publix doesn’t offer, btw! And the products you’re using now will be benefiting your health at the same time instead of adding to your toxin load and leading to poor health!!
I haven’t reached it yet but at 24 months you earn 25% back on everything you order in your essential rewards orders!! I can’t wait!! That’s really amazing that they give that much back to loyal customers!! And I just have to throw inthat with loyalty being so under appreciated these days from almost every other company... it is refreshing to see how much loyalty matters to Young Living!!


Each month Young Living has a promo package and will determine 4 levels of freebies based on how much you order. Those monthly promos are just extras. If you happen to spend a certain amount you get the freebies for that level. 

The levels are usually 100PV, 190PV, 250PV, and 300PV. That doesn’t mean you HAVE to spend that, it’s just extra free stuff IF you are spending that amount. 

And the freebies are always great items and they pick them based on the natural health needs for that season typically... so immune support in fall; holiday focused around the holidays; exercise focused at New Years when we all are on the resolution band wagon, LOL! 

You know, they actually think about what we need and make the freebies appropriate so we are getting real value in the freebies and they’re not just giving items that they have an overstock of. 
In fact, I’ve gotten several free items that are highly valuable both in their cost and their value to my health (like a 15ml Frankincense and free helichrysum!!)


This is important because a lot of people won’t signed up for essential rewards because they’re afraid of hidden commitments.....

There are NO commitments required to staying on essential rewards if you join. If you are joined in and decide you don’t want to keep utilizing the rewards program, you simply call customer service at ‭1 (800) 371-3515‬ and ask to have them cancel your autoship.

NO fees; NO hidden hoops to jump through!!!

What you DO GIVE UP are the rewards you’ve accumulated and if you join again later you would go back to the beginning of the earning scale; meaning you would drop back to 10% earning rate for three months again. So if you’re up to 20% that’s no fun but not the end of the world either. 


So, the only way to skip a month is to cancel and rejoin later. That would drop you back to the beginning. Which isn’t a major thing....

BUT if you know you want to continue with auto-ship but just don’t have the money that month, you can always order on your account for someone else or ask around and see if anyone wants to try anything. I have done this as well and there are so many people who take advantage of this when I offer that I’ve never had a problem keeping up with the program on months when I needed to save some money. 


YES!! You have complete control over everything! 

You can change your order anytime you want!

You can change your processing date. I personally have my processing date at the end of the month BECAUSE I want plenty of time to choose and make changes! AND...

You can MANUALLY PROCESS your order anytime you want!! So your date can be the last day of the month but when you’re ready you can still hit the manually process button and it sends your order through straight away! I do this every month because I feel like it gets processed faster AND I have more control over when it gets done!!

You can change your payment info, shipping info, literally anything can be changed any time!

You also get discounted shipping in the ER program and can choose from several shipping options. So if you need something right away you can pick the 2 day or 3-5 day... or if you don’t need it right away you can pick the cheapest option which is 7-10 day shipping.  

It’s ALL totally up to YOU!!

Image result for it is win win


*** There are no commitments, only rewards!

*** Young Living is dedicated to your best interest both in freebies and rewards to you!

*** There is always a way to budget Young Living into your financial plan!

*** Your health IS WORTH IT and requires you to make wise choices and the products from Young Living are going to make a difference in your health if you’re using them!


Once you’re a Young Living member, simply find the essential rewards tab in your virtual office and click-  Join Now! 

It’s simple!! It will walk you through the process step by step. 

And I can always answer any other questions you have!!

Please, Please, Please, Let me know if you need any help or want more information about essential oils and how they can be used to improve your health or the essential rewards program!!

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